Cert.Practical Phonology

Advanced Certificate in Practical Phonetics and Phonology


Phonetics is the study of the sounds of human speech - Like many languages, English has wide variation in pronunciation, both historically and from dialect to dialect. In general, however, the regional dialects of English are phonologically similar.
Phonological analysis of English is seen through standard accents, such as Received Pronunciation for England, General American for the United States, and General Australian for Australia. In this course we shall concentrate on Received Pronunciation also known as the RP and any other will remain a point of reference for comparison.
Pronunciation is not optional when it comes to language learning-Teachers of ESOL need to give due attention to teaching the sounds of English along with everything else.
Admission Requirement
Applications for course participation will be considered from teachers of ESOL and graduates of all disciplines.  Non-native speaker graduates or teachers of ESOL are particularly welcome.
 Admission Procedure
A pre task work is taken to prove your fluency in English Language
Open Enrollment Policy
Enrollment is done on site or by email.
Introduction to RP, IPA - the International Phonetic Alphabet and transcription.
  • Further transcription and ear training. The Schwa, stressed and unstressed syllables and syllabic consonants. 
  • Speech connection and transcription.How to get the last consonant correctly
  • Points of Articulation.
  • Word Stress, homographs – homonyms - homophone, sentence stress, contrastive stress, vowel sounds and the articulation of vowels.
  • Intonation and the articulation of diphthongs.
  • Presenting sounds, word and sentence stress, consonant clusters and contractions to the class.
  • How to teaching intonation and speech connection.
  • Neutralization, Elision and Linking

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